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Crofton Anne-Dane

Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 webpage. Click on a heading to see the content. 

Transition Phase: Dreams in a Jar

We will be discussing and sharing our individual and shared hopes for our current lives and our lives in the future. This will also involve thinking about how these hopes can be achieved.

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Phase 1: Biomes - What does it take to survive?

I this Phase we will develop an understanding of the relationship between climates, biomes and vegetation belts. They will also gain an understanding of the economic impact of distributing natural resources.  English outcomes will include both an adventure story set in a biome and a non-fiction text explaining climate, biomes and vegetation belts.

y5 what it takes to survive phase 1 overview docx.pdf

Year 5 Science - Materials


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 Phase 2: Egyptians - Could you live like an Egyptian? 

Children will understand where and when ancient Egyptians existed. They will learn that there were other significant civilisations existing at the same time in different locations: identifying the similarities.

The children will learn about chronology through researching significant events during this era and ordering them.

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Year 5 Egyptian Hook Day


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 Phase 3 - The Ancient Greeks - What did the Greeks do for us?

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