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Crofton Anne-Dane

Year 4

Welcome to our Year Four pages.  We hope that you enjoy looking through a sample of what we have been up to!


Year 4 2021-22

Spring Term - What An Adventure!

Well done Year 4 for throwing yourselves into our Stubbington Study Centre residential! We had such a great time and you all did us proud. With fossil hunting, sand castle building, trail tracking, artefact testing, wall building, pirate hunting, pellet dissecting and hotel hiding, no one needed to worry about falling off to sleep!

 The trip launched our new unit: What Lives In Our Village? We learnt about the different animals that live here, what they need to survive and how they struggle to survive through the changing seasons. We went on bird watches in the school grounds and started to recognise some of the bird calls of the different species that visit us during the day. During the unit, we built animal shelter prototypes based on the research we had conducted. Our expert joining techniques and persuasive speeches made it impossible to choose the best one!

 Let me ask you: is it ever right to spy? We asked ourselves this very question! We had a lot of fun on spy day: tumbling through laser mazes, solving puzzles as a team, creating secret codes and finding the secret location to be officially declared spies! Max Axium taught us all about electricity and sound and we build our our security assault courses to write instructions, adverts and stories about. Watch out for the piranha infested lakes and trap doors!

Well, in Year 4, we couldn't get enough of maps! We looked at maps of Stubbington from the 1800s to the present day, maps of our British cities and maps from all over the world! We let our geography guide our art as we learnt about the influences of artists with a variety of different backgrounds and how they let their identity inspire their works. In turn, we travelled the world with our imagination and let our identity inspire our works. In case we want to go into business as professional artists, we got to grips with money and tried our hand at running our own shop!



Autumn Term - Words, Weaving and Poo!

We kicked off the year exploring words and how we can use them to create wonderful worlds. We studied the wonderful worlds of Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl to inspire us and applied these ideas to designing and making our own sandwiches. We tasted ingredients and chose what we would like in the best sandwich before giving them some suitable BFG style names!

Then, we tracked back in time to Anglo Saxons and learnt about who they were, where they came from and what they brought to the ancient Britons. We started with Anglo Saxon day - where we dressed up, wrote with runes, even made our own broth - and finished with some mini museums to share some of our weaving and what we had learnt. Take a look:

However, before that we learnt all about POO! We studied what digestion is and what happens to our food once we have eaten it. Don't worry, we won't show any pictures! This year, we are looking very closely at food: how to describe it, where it comes from and who provides it. We have been doing lots of gardening all through the year to learn about when and how we can grow our own food. Throughout the year, we will continue to study what grows in our outdoor area using quadrants and keeping track of various statistics to see when the best time for gardening is. We have discovered, it is not December!