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Crofton Anne-Dane

Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page! Click on a subheading to see what the children have been learning. 

Will Robots take over the world?

will robots take over the world.pdf


World book day!

The children had lots of fun on world book day this year. They dressed up in some amazing costumes and got to meet Jack Ryder the author. 

Year 3 world book day


What did the Romans do for us?

This half term we are going to be learning all about the Romans. 

topic overview was julius caesar a hero or a villain.pdf

 For our Roman hook, the children trained to be Roman Soldiers and created their own shields! They then practiced marching and creating a Roman 'tortoise shell'. They also made clay pots and had a go at creating a mosaic. 

The children had a great time at Butser Ancient farm! They continued to learn all about the Stone Age and more about the Romans. They completed three fun activities during the day including flint wall building, fossil excavation and fire lighting! 

Year 3 Butser farm

What was life like in the Stone Age?

what was life like in the stone age.pdf

For our stone age hook, the children took part in lots of activities! We hunted mammoths, made stone age jewellery and did some cave painting using charcoal. The children had a very fun day!

Stone Age day


 The children are looking forward to learning more about the Stone Age when we visit Butser Ancient farm.

Are Angels Real?

are angels real curriculum letter.pdf


Could a dragon live in Stubbington?

could a dragon live in stubbington curriculum.pdf


We had a visit from Zoo Lab and the children were able to see and touch a range of creatures, including a tarantular, African snail and a corn snake.

Year 3 ZooLab