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Crofton Anne-Dane



Beach Party day!

The Year 2 children loved our hook day to start our new topic - 'How can we stop Stanley being swallowed?'
The unit of learning will focus on the environmental impact of litter and pollution on Earth and in particular, our oceans. 

To make sure the Beach Party could go ahead, we gloved up and picked up any litter that had been scattered around the school grounds to make it safe and clean for our party. 
The children did a great job at making the grounds spotless...

And here is the party where we ate ice lollies, read on and played with inflatables and built sandcastles...

A fab day was had by all and the sun came out to say hi too! :)


Gaming day!

As an additional hook to our current History topic 'How does PacMan eat his lunch?' we hired retro gaming consoles from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox to experience gaming through the ages. The children loved seeing the difference in graphics and gameplay and enjoyed games ranging from Asteroids to Fifa '96!

This week we have been writing instructions on how to play our favourite games and reading all the awesome responses to the children's gaming/computing questionnaires that we sent home. Thank you for completing and sending back, it has really helped our topic work this week. :) 


28th January

As the end result to our fantastic topic 'How will my invention change the world?' the year 2 children have been visiting the classroom 'museums' to view the explanation writing and the prototypes for their own inventions. There was some great application of all the skills we have used during the topic in D.T and science and also the literacy learning over the last four weeks.

The children loved seeing each others work and reading about each others inventions. 


19th January

Year 2 have been carrying out their 'Marvellous Mondays' and have loved using their DT, Geography and Science skills to create and investigate. 

They tested the softest material to make pillows and made axles to help their inventions move.

They will be ready to put these skills to the test for their end of unit final piece.



5th January


Year 2 have launched their new topic this week - 'How will my invention change the world?' The children have loved making their own floating flying machines and had a fantastic experience on our school trip to the Hovercraft Museum.


15th December

We have been learning about the importance of candle light at Christmas for Jewish and Christian communities and made our own Advent wreaths and Menorahs during our R.E. unit 'What is light?'


14th December

What an amazing treat it was to have real donkeys as part of the fantastic Nativity that the children performed.

The children loved spending time petting with Rocky and Taffy!



10th December

We all felt very festive dressing up in our Christmas jumpers today and having our Christmas party with games, snacks and a yummy Christmas dinner!



Here is the Year 2 current topic overview explaining the learning we will cover within this topic...




8th November - What secrets does a fossil hide?

The Year 2 children have loved the launch of our new topic - What secrets does a fossil hide? They found fossils and bones scattered around the school grounds and came up with questions to ask our paleontologist visitor. The children handled real skeltons of animals and even had the opportunity to put their hands inside a gorilla's mouth - something you don't get to do at school every day! They also felt the teeth inside a scaled down T-Rex skull. We can't wait to see where the topic takes us next!



1st November - Why does the 5th  November go snap, crackle and pop?

Year 2 have been enjoying the firework topic this week!

We carried out science experiments that made us think of fireworks as a hook to our topic and wrote wonderful poems using the vocabulary we learned throughout the week. We also learned about why we remember the 5th November and did our own research into Guy Fawkes which resulted in posters or fact files about him.

The whole of the Federation were lucky enough to take part in a Fitness Fiesta, trying out different sporting activities from different clubs in our local area as a 'taster' session. The children got to try football, cricket, hockey, karate, dance, acrobatics and aerial arts, as well as a visit from ASDA employees to talk about healthy eating. The children loved joining in and were inspired by the sports coaches that came to show them the different sporting activities.  




They have also been using D.T skills to design and make their own teddies using a running stitch. 



The children brought in their favourite teddies from home and have been using them to help them think of adventurous words to describe toys and teddies.  

  This half term the Year 2 children have been loving their learning based on our topic text 'That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown'.