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Crofton Anne-Dane


Welcome to the Year 2 page.  We hope you find it useful to see what the children have been up to. 

Spring 2 - What happened to The Titanic?

In maths we have be using rulers and metre sticks to measure objects around the classroom. We then compared the different lengths and heights.

SeaCity Museum

We had a fab day out at SeaCity. We learnt so many interesting facts about The Titanic. It was a great day out! 


In Science we have been learning about Forces focussing on pushes and pulls. We went outside and tested how balls would travel depending on the force used. We also investigated pushes on the slide. It was a little soggy but we had great fun!

The children have been working really hard to practise their handwriting. We use Kinetic letters to make our bodies strong and ready to write. We then practise different letter families every week.

The children were hooked into their new topic with an exciting hook day. We boarded The Titanic and had a virtual tour of the cabins and dining rooms. Each child was put into a class and we discussed the similarities and differences. The children then created their own Porthole art work. They had to think about what they might see as they looked out of The Titanic's windows. 

Spring 1 - How to survive  anywhere! 

The children worked hard to create their very own photo frames. We started off by looking at a range of different frames and we discussed how the wood was joined together and how they stood up. 

The children then planned their own frames. Next they had to carefully saw their four pieces of wood and join them together using card triangles. They then framed their own artwork. 


Autumn 2 - Snap, Crackle and Pop

We were hooked into our new topic with an explosive day! 

The children spent the afternoon creating beautiful firework artwork for our class display. 

Autumn 1 - Where have all the toys gone?

We started off this topic with a teddy bear picnic! The children brought in their favourite toy from home and they spent the week in school with us. 

The children then worked really hard to create their own teddy. They had to be resilient and learn how to thread a needle. It was hard work but all of the children were extremely proud of their finished product. 

Topic learning overviews

Summer 1

earth heroes.pdf


Spring 2

what happened to the titanic.pdf

 Spring 1 


how to survive anywhere.pdf

 Autumn 2 

where have all the toys gone.pdf

 Autumn 1 

what goes snap crackle and pop.pdf