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Walk to Stubbington Village

Year 1 received photo album from the Queen updating us about what she has been doing on her Juiblee tour around the United Kingdom. She asked us to send her an album and updates about Monte's time with us and the different activities he has been doing. We had a think about all the different places we could take Monte in our local area so decided to take him on a little trip into Stubbinton Village!






Corgi training

The Queen's corgi has come to stay with us. We want to make his visit extra special so we are planning to take him on a trip to the village however Mrs Manley has said that he must be trained before we take him out. Today, we used bossy verbs to give the dog commands. We will be punctuating our commands with exclamation marks. Here are some pictures of the children's role play... 





Year 1 are starting a new PE topic for this half term... Team building! The skills we will be developing are co-operation and communication. This week we played a series of different games. One was called 'sandwich tag' which is a tag game where children had to work in pairs free their "stuck" classmates. The activity they found most challenging was the paired race where they had to balance a tennis ball between their backs, feet or thighs and race without losing the ball! We had a lot of fun whilst working co-operatively!



Today we introduced our key text for this half term, 'The Queen's Hat', by Steve Antony. It's all about the Queen losing her hat and features many famous London landmarks. At the end of the story, the lost hat actually flew through our classroom window! We are hoping to write a letter to the Queen and return her missing hat soon.



A Royal Arrival!

To launch our new topic, 'Where does the Queen live?', we took delivery of three special visitors this morning. The Queen wasn't able to take her youngest Corgi puppies on her Royal tour so has entrusted us to take care of them. The children were very excited and wrote questions to the Queen, asking about how to take care of her precious pups. Keep an eye out for more pup-dates to follow.



This week Year 1 completed their first Art project all about 'Creatures' and have now completed their final piece. We have been so proud of the perseverance and resilience the children have shown throughout this piece of learning. We have learnt about different artists and their unique ways of creating art. We have also acquired many different skills along the way, including sketching and shading, creating texture, collaging, and creating different colours and shapes. Below are some beautiful examples of their learning process...



~11th January~

Today Year 1 started a new topic today and were presented with the question 'Who is Disney?' which we will endeavour to answer over the next 6 weeks! The children arrived in school to find maps with clues which we had to find so we could work out what we would be learning about. The clues led us to different pictures of Disney characters. We then invited the children to a cinematic experience in school to watch 'The Lion King'. We made tickets, had popcorn and squash, and even had to count out the correct amount of money to buy tickets! We have also been writing about our favourite Disney characters and you can see some of our amazing writing below!



~14th December~

Christmas Week! This week we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by taking part in a range of festive activities, Nativity performances and meeting some very special visitors Taffy and Rocky, two very well behaved donkeys! In RE we have been learning more about the Nativity story and the different journeys taken by Mary and Joseph, the Shepherds and the 3 Wise Men. We have also been having visits from some very cheeky elves and we have been keeping an Elf Diary each day to record what they have been up to!



~10th December~

WOW! What a fantastic, fun-filled Friday Year 1 have had! Today was Christmas jumper day and some of the Christmas outfits were amazing! We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with crackers, decorations and music in the hall. We then had our Christmas party in the afternoon where we enjoyed more music, dancing, party games and party food, with a special visit from Jingles the Elf to deliver us some presents!


~7th December~

As part of our Science topic we have been learning about the foods different animals (including humans) eat. As pizza is a favourite food for lots of us, we decided to design a pizza for a dinosaur, thinking about whether that dinosaur would be a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore and designing a pizza to fit their dietary requirements! We wrote a shopping list for Mrs Wallace so she could order our ingredients and then we made our pizzas, thinking about food hygiene and safety.


~3rd December~

We were very lucky this week as we had some special visitors come in to see us. Caroline and Harold the giraffe came in and taught us about our bodies and how they worked. We loved meeting Harold and enjoyed seeing the insides of our bodies!


~26th November~

Foundation rotation!

This week in Art we have been looking at the well-loved author and artist Eric Carle, comparing his illustrations and art work to Maria Merian. We have been looking carefully at the colours Eric Carle chose for his butterfly illustrations and colour matched them with tissue paper.

In computing we have been continued to use the programme 'Tizzy' to make marks with the shape and line tool to recreate the work of artist Piet Mondrian.

In Science we have been identifying, naming, drawing and labelling the basic parts of the human body. 


~25th November~

In Discovery time we have had the opportunity to use our new log seats which will eventually form a quiet outdoor reading area. The children have also been using the den building equipment to create a zip line through the woods! They showed some amazing team work and problem solving skills whilst risk assessing what they were doing along the way.


~16th November~

Year 1 have been learning how to develop a steady beat and rhythm, using xylophones. Take a look at the video below!




~12th November~

Today Year 1 started their first Friday 'Foundation Rotation' where the children rotated round three activities during the day - Art, Science, Computing & Library.

In Art we have been looking at the artist Maria Merian and her detailed drawings of butterflies. We did our own observational drawings of butterflies, paying particular attention to detail of the shapes and lines.

In Science we have started to name and classify different animals (fish, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles)... we were surprised to find out that humans are animals too!

In Computing we have been using the painting programme 'Tizzy' to draw pictures of our favourite animals, selecting different colours and brush sizes.



~11th November~

Armistice day


~22nd October~

 With the start of Autumn comes Autumn activities and crafts! We have been exploring our school grounds on chilly welly walks looking for signs of Autumn, using sticks and leaves we have found to make magic wands, potion making and creating some superb firework pictures.


~8th October~

This week we started our Science 'hook' to answer our topic question 'Do dinosaurs eat burgers or chips?' We arrived in school to find that some very cheeky dinosaurs had been having a party to celebrate the birthday of Anky the Ankylosaurus... they made quite a mess! We were left with some exciting activities to do, such as creating birthday cards for Anky, writing party invites, creating a list of party food and making our own wrapping paper. We had a ROARSOME day!!




~1st October~

This week in Science we have been naming and sorting different materials and describing their properties. We have designed and made homes and rain coats for our class teddy bears, thinking about which materials would be most suitable depending on their properties. We knew that the rain coats would have to be waterproof but first we had to test different materials to find out which ones would be waterproof.




 ~24th September~

The whole of the Federation took part in Fitness Fiesta today, trying out different sporting activities from different clubs in our local area as a 'taster' session. The children got to try football, cricket, hockey, karate, dance, acrobatics and aerial arts, as well as a visit from ASDA to talk about healthy eating. The children loved joining in and trying new activities... some children have been so inspired they have now joined new clubs! Special thanks to our Sports Co-ordinator, Mrs Packham, for organising such a fun afternoon!



~17th September~

 This week the children in Year 1 have been boosting their self-esteem by using positive affirmations. Each child made a 'positive affirmation rainbow' and created some fantastic writing using adjectives to describe themselves and their abilities.