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Crofton Anne-Dane

Vision & Values

Crofton Anne Dale Federation aims to be...

A thriving, happy, safe and secure environment where high quality teaching and learning can take place. 

A community of learners where adults and children work together in order to


Our aims for all children are that...

  • they should be safe, secure and happy in school.
  • they have equal access to the curriculum, regardless of ability, gender, race or religion.
  • they acquire the necessary skills of literacy and numeracy in order to raise levels of achievement within and beyond the National Curriculum.
  • they experience a broad and balanced curriculum where knowledge, skills and understanding can develop at a pace matched to individual needs.
  • they experience the security and satisfaction that comes from consistent good teaching, a stimulating learning environment and ongoing active parental interest and support.
  • they develop an appreciation of the importance of responsible behaviour, courtesy and consideration for others.
  • that spiritual, moral and cultural development is promoted, in order to prepare them to become valued members of an ever-changing, multi-cultural society.

Our Core Values

Our core values, which are implicit in our aims and our ethos, are the foundation on which our school practice is built and give the schools their strong sense of purpose and direction.

  • High Quality Relationships
  • Individuality and Inclusion
  • Development of the "Whole Child"
  • Achievement Right Across the Curriculum
  • The Classroom as a Learning Community

Our Learning Values

We have five key learning values that we promote in all that we do;

Deep thinking





We want all of our children to

  • Have choices in life
  • Believe in themselves and know they can achieve their goals
  • Recognise they have unique gifts, talents and skills to share
  • Be active and passionate learners for life
  • Be responsible, kind and caring young people

We aim to ensure that during their time at Crofton Anne Dale our children develop responsible and disciplined attitudes to learning and the skills and competencies necessary to move on to secondary school with confidence.