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Crofton Anne-Dane

Climate Change Forest

Year 6 children have been studying different factors that are affecting our environment.

They have learnt about deforestation, global warming, pollution to name a few. They discovered how it was happening, what damage it was doing to our world and ways in which people are helping to save our planet.

From this, they designed a piece of artwork (on a carpet roll) that represented their cause and how they feel about climate change. They also produced work that reflected their knowledge - these came in variety of ways from videos to poster to powerpoints.

Here is their work:

A group of children researched global warming and created a poster. They also gathered data from our school about which factor needed address first and displayed their data in graphs.

Some children completed their research and displayed their findings on a PowerPoint.

Please click the links to have a read - such hard hitting facts.

Damson Class Pollution PowerPoint

Damson Class Pollution PowerPoint 2

Damson Class Deforestation PowerPoint

Cherry Class PowerPoint Climate Change  

Some of our children have created videos to convince the world to make a change. Please go to the school's youtube channel to watch their fantastic work.