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Having fun in the rain ! 
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This week we introduced the children to PATHS and the character 'Twiggle' the Turtle. Other friends of 'Twiggle' are 'Daphne' the duck , 'Duke' the dog and 'Henrietta' the  hedgehog. All of these characters help 'Twiggle' explore feelings and solve problems. PATHS is a program that helps children learn to talk about their feelings and shows them  ways of dealing with them. Each week the children will be meeting in groups to discuss and explore feelings.

P - promote 
A- alternative
TH-  thinking 
S - strategies

This is a federation scheme and helps the children with ......
- self esteem
-solving social problems 
- emotional awareness 
- the vocabulary of emotions 
- self -control 
We encourage you to talk about PATHS lessons with your child at home. From time to time activities will be sent home for you to complete together.

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Part of the curriculum in Year R is based on the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' . This is based on three strands of learning behaviours which are .....
-Play and Explore ( Independence) 
-Active Learning ( Resilience, Team Work) 
-Creative Learning ( Creativity, Deep Thinking) 

On a regular basis we will introduce the children to a new 'Mindset Monster' based on these learning behaviours. The Mindset Monsters also link to the Federations 'Visions and Values' .

This week we have introduced ' Have a go Hayden'  ( play and explore) who's motto is 
"I can make a choice and have a go!" 
This is to encourage the children to try something new. 

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Huge Thank-You! 

You donated just over £500 sponsorship money for Nursery Rhyme day. As a result we have purchased two larger bicycles, one smaller bike with stabilisers and two more balance bikes. We also bought the children a small world pirate ship and some coins to bury as treasure in our shingle pit. 
We would like to say a huge thank-you for all of your support. The children will love using them in the bike zone. 


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Pirates! Pirates! Everywhere! 

This week the children have become very interested in Pirates! They have been making hats and eye patches as well as digging for treasure in the shingle pit. 


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Happy New-Year from Year R! 

This week we have been using the skill of finger painting to make calendars for 2019! 

We hope you enjoy hanging them up at home and using them throughout the year. 

Year R has also been developing their den building skills and trying to test the strength of their dens. They have been building small dens for woodland animals. 

We have also been focusing on looking after our school environment and have had many volunteers helping us clean , sweep and tidy our outdoor classroom. 


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What a super 'World Nursery Rhyme ' week we had ending in our sponsored recital. A huge thank-you to all of the parents who supported us by providing fantastic costumes and came to watch the children. The challenge was to sing as many Nursery Rhymes as we could in 5 minutes! The children did brilliantly and recited 11 nursery rhymes in 5 minutes! Well Done Year R! Thank-you to all of the Year R friends and family who sponsored us! 
We were very proud of the Year R children when they went on their visit to Stubbington Library. They walked safely to the library, listened really well to three lovely minibeast stories and enjoyed looking through the story books (fiction) and the information books ( non-fiction) .  Every child was allowed to take a book home with them. We have put a letter with the name of your child's chosen book inside their book bags . Please return these books to Stubbington Library. 
To view our handwriting guide please click on the link below . 

Summary of reading workshop Oct 2018

This week in Year R we have been learning the phonemes s,a,t,p. There have been lots of activities for us to do to help us learn  the sounds of these letters.


Sorry if we get mucky but.........

Sorry if we get mucky but......... 1
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 2
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 3
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 4
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 5
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 6
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 7
Sorry if we get mucky but......... 8
Wow! What a fantastic first few weeks of full-time school the Reception children have had. They have been 'Super Explorers' exploring both the indoor and outdoor classrooms. The children have visited all of the Year R classrooms for story time and all three teachers have read stories to every class! The children have enjoyed their yummy dinners in the hall and visited the computer suite to practise their mouse control skills when using 'Tizzy's Tools' . We have been doing lots of mark making and the children have been learning a song to help them with this. Please ask them to sing the 'Line, Line Dot, Dot, Dot ' song  to you and maybe they could show you their mark making on a piece of  paper! Well done Year R !