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Vision and Values

Our mission statement – ‘Striving for the Best in Everyone’


At the Crofton Anne Dale Federation of Schools we believe that children learn and develop best in a stimulating, happy and safe environment that enriches their lives and encourages enthusiasm for learning.


Our vision and values promote five key learning behaviours – Independence, Resilience, Creativity, Team Work and Deep Thinking.

To achieve our aims we encourage children to develop lively minds and to explore possibilities and generate ideas. We enable children to investigate, question, discuss, solve problems and apply themselves to activities and tasks. We provide opportunities for creative and physical development and the pursuit of individual talents and interests.


At the Crofton Anne Dale Federation, we help children to recognise and celebrate their own and others’ achievements. We develop their ability to set personal goals and approach challenges with confidence, to do their best and to understand that we learn when we make mistakes.


We are an inclusive school that promotes high standards of behaviour. We develop the skills to communicate effectively so that they work and play together co-operatively. We help children to become partners in their learning, so that they learn to take responsibility for themselves, to develop self-discipline, a positive self-image and emotional well-being.