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Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


At Crofton Anne Dale Infant School we believe that children learn and develop best in a stimulating, happy and safe environment that enriches their lives and encourages enthusiasm for learning.


We aim to ensure that all pupils become:

  •  Successful learners – who enjoy learning, make good progress and achieve well
  •  Confident individuals - who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  •  Responsible citizens – who make a positive contribution to society.


To achieve this we ensure that our school curriculum is well planned, highly coherent and relevant and;


  •  provides memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning and wider personal development and well being
  •  has breadth and balance ensuring pupils full entitlement and meets the changing  needs and interests of individuals and groups
  •  offers tailored programmes for a wide range of pupils with different needs
  •  ensures pupils develop essential skills for life - literacy, numeracy and ICT capability; learning and thinking skills; personal, emotional and social skills


- so that pupils become eager and enthusiastic learners and achieve personal excellence.


To achieve our aims we encourage children to develop lively minds and to explore possibilities and generate ideas. We enable children to investigate, question, discuss, solve problems and apply themselves to activities and tasks. We provide opportunities for creative and physical development and the pursuit of individual talents and interests.

We help children to recognise and celebrate their own and others’ achievements. We develop their ability to set personal goals and approach challenges with confidence, to do their best and to understand that when learning we sometimes make mistakes.

We promote high standards of behaviour and help children to learn how to listen and respond appropriately to different people and adapt their behaviour to different situations. We develop the skills to communicate effectively so they work and play together co-operatively. We help children to become partners in their learning, so that they learn to take responsibility for themselves, to develop self-discipline, a positive self-image and emotional well being.


We aim to be inclusive and provide equal opportunity, recognising that all children are different and that at times this may mean treating some pupils differently.


We encourage spiritual and cultural development, tolerance and respect for religious values, different races and ways of life. We encourage each child to develop personal values of kindness, right and wrong, honesty and fairness.


We encourage children to recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle, of keeping themselves and others safe and of caring for the environment.


We strive to build a three-way partnership between parent, child and school, to actively involve parents in their child’s education.